The Private Yoga Studio in Osaka

The yoga studio near Namba

My name is Yoko Suzuki. I’m the owner and teacher of this yoga studio for 5 years.

I’m starting yoga my age 37 and now I’m 50 having a son, husband and cat.

I’m teaching yoga the way how to normalize the autonomic nervous system.

That is focused on boost your metabolism and calm your nerves.

Don’t worry about how old you get or a yoga beginner.

In yoga, flexibility is an attitude that invest and transform your mind as well as your body.

I’ll work around your condition in private lesson.

Learn more about yoga on private trial lesson.


My session with Yoko was great! To think I’m a beginner, her yoga style of teaching made me at ease. I thought it was going to be hard at first but no, she handles every part of your body with utmost care. I highly recommend that if you’re in Kansai Area, you should go to Yoga Yoko. 2 hours is so worth your time. Highly recommendable!!! Thanks Yoko and I will definitely be back over and over again! 

At The Private Yoga Studio Yoga Yoko you can experience a authentic Hata yoga. At first you will be pleased to find your overall body awareness weaknesses being strengthened,and stress released from overworked areas. Leading your mind and body into a fine balance: strong, but soft and pliable.

Asanas (poses) help you to regain balanced body posture.

Reinvigorate weak areas, loosen up stiff areas.

Build your prana (chi), bring heart and mind back in harmony.

There is no perfect asana.

It is enough for everyone to find the right level to work at to improve their health. 

Everyone is different.

It is important to know your body, recognize fatigue or imbalance, and bring yourself back to your original condition.

Through asana and breath work, look deeply into yourself.

Lets enjoy Yoga for your life.

Privete yoga sutudio YOga Yoko

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